Water Boxing (Liuhebafa)

Liuhebafa literally means six harmonies and eight methods of boxing. It is an ancient internal Chinese martial art. It is also known as “Water Boxing” due to its principles and features. The Song Dynasty Taoist sage Chen Tuan (872-989) is often credited with its origin and development.

The legendary Master Wu Yihui (1887-1958) was the first person to open teachings and spread the art of Liuhebafa & Water Boxing publicly in the late 1920’s. It is said he had learned the art from three teachers: Yan Guoxing, Chen Guangdi (who learned the art from a Buddhist monk, Da Yuan and a Taoist, Li Chan), and Chen Helu. Master Wu Yihui was a prominent fighter and instructor who influenced many of the masters from his generation. As Master Wu Yihui’s fame as a peerless martial artist grew, so also did the reputation of Liuhebafa & Water Boxing as a preeminent martial art.

Master Wu Yihui was the Dean of the Central National Martial Arts Academy of China from 1936 to 1945. His knowledge and skills are highly praised by the legendary Master, Yiquan founder Wang Xiangzhai (1886-1963) who was one of his friends and contemporaries. This art form had a great influence and impact on Yiquan & Dachengquan which went mostly unknown in the martial arts community. It is one of several explanations for its similarities with other internal martial arts such as Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Taijiquan & Tai Chi.

Many of Master Wu Yihui’s students had martial arts backgrounds and modified the form to merge it with their own knowledge. Bruce Lee had a short learning experience of Lihebafa & Water Boxing in his youth with Master Liang Zipeng (1900-1974), who was one of students of Master Wu Yihui.

Join us at our Kung Fu & Meditation Center to master the art of Water Boxing. Whether you’re seeking to improve your health, learn self-defense, or explore Chinese martial arts, Water Boxing offers a unique way to empty your mind, be formless, like water.

Water Boxing & Liuhebafa Master Wu Yihui (1887-1958.)
Master Wu Yihui (second place on the left in the front row) with General Zhang Zhijiang (second place on the right in the front row), Chancellor of the Central National Martial Arts Academy of China), Master Chu Guiting (first place on the right in the front row), Master Yin Tianxiong (left side in the front row), Master Jiang Rongqiao (first place on the left in the second row), Master Han Xingqiao (second row in the middle), Master Chen Yiren (left side in the second row.)
Water Boxing & Liuhebafa Master Li Daoli (1900-1984), the successor of Master Wu Yihui. He was Master Wu’s teaching assistant in Shanghai in the 1930’s.
Master Yin Yan visiting Master Wu Yihui’s family home, meeting with Madam Ba Shumin (1910-2007), the wife of Master Wu Yihui in Huainan City, Anhui Province, China, 2002.
Water Boxing